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Thursday, December 29, 2005

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Comparison and Research on Latest Home Business Trend

------ Introduce One Practical and Lucrative Internet Business Concept

Redefine JOB

Internet Revolution

“Just as the Industrial Revolution displaced farmers into the manufacturing sector, the Information Revolution has displaced blue collar workers of the manufacturing sector into the ‘thinking business’ of the service sector. If the trends toward global wage leveling and automated factories continue, the U.S. manufacturing sector will shrink by nearly 90 percent in less than two decades. It will be up to the service sector to absorb these 22 million displaced workers.” – P132, INFOPRENEURS, Turning Data Into Dollars, H. Skip Weitzen.
“You are either in the internet business or out of budiness” – Bill Gates.
“The Internet is for real. It’s not a fad. It’s the most influential busibess innovation in history. …. The Internet is not just another minor blip on the radar screen of the gusiness cycle. The Internet is a tidal wave. You can ride this wave to fortune or be churned under by it.” – P251, MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME, How to generate a lifetime of unlimited wealth, Robert G. Allen.
“Total retail online spending in general merchandise will reach $151.3 billion by 2010, up from $75.7 billion this year, according to Forrester.” - Forrester Research, August, 2004.
VeriSign was keeping online shopping and transactions and confirmed that $2.2 billion in online purchases during the prime week in 2004. “The total volume of sales transactions recorded during the week of December 6, 2004 reached 28.9 million, a 21 percent increase as compared to the week of December 8, 2003, the equivalent holiday shopping week from last year.” For more info, visit Online sales by VeriSign.
In 2003, online spending reached $95,700,000,000 in 2003! (That's 95.7 billion dollars!)
A recent report by Forrester Research revealed that online spending was $95.7 billion in 2003... and it's projected to grow to $229 billion in 2008!
That's a mind boggline 139% INCREASE!
Around 5 million NEW households will begin shopping online in the next five years!
Another report by Forrester Research reveals that around 5 million NEW households will begin shopping online in the next five years... and the total number of U.S. online shopping households will reach 63 MILLION by 2008!
That means that, by 2008, online retail sales will account for 10% of the total U.S. retail sales!

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Corporate and Job Security

I was first hired by a steel casting company with 90 years of history with the thinking that this job could last forever. Soon after we spend a large sum of money for my wife’s surgery and returned home after the New Years, I went to the company and was called into the meeting room at 11:15 together with two group members. We were told to leave before 12 pm. That was January 5, 2000.
I found another programmer’s job in one of the largest mining company in Arizona with two matching majors: mining and computer science. You think it’s a stable job? Wrong. After I spent my vacation and was about to return to the company, I called in at my office and tried to locate somebody and learn more. Nobody was at the office. I felt something was wrong. Later on, I found my boss. “Your job was eliminated…..” They did not say “You are fired” like Trump. It was the same shock to anyone.
From Enron to Anderson; from Dot company in California to MCI; One of the largest air carriers Delta filed bankruptsy and several thousands jobs will be eliminated. The lay offs list could be on and on….
There is no such thing as “job security” at corporate. Plus, all of your hard work has nothing to do with you after all; it only makes your boss look good.

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Retirement and Baby Boomers

• “As companies such as IBM rewrite the rules of their pension plans, baby boomers could be left in the cold.” - Business Week
• “The government bailout fund is $9.7 BILLION in RED and Social Security and personal savings are hardly going to be enough.” - Business Week
• “Demographic trends will only make matters worse. As recently as 1985 there were three U.S. workers for every retired person. Now it’s close to even. And we’re still six years away from 2010, when the first baby boomers will hit 65. Not only are more people retiring, but they’re living longer once they get there.” - vusiness Week
• “Eroding pension benefits, longer life-spans and a major meltdown in stocks add up to this: most of us will have to work well into our 70’s.” - Time Magazine
• “The baby boomers, turning 50 at the rate of 10,000 a day – with dire financial issues for the first time in their lives. Can they ever retire? If so, When?” – Time Magazine
• “What kind of lifestyle will they be able to afford? A powerful set of trends will leave many of them unable to call it quits until after they turn 70 – possibly long after.” – Time Magazine
• “In 1985, about 115,000 American companies had traditional pension plans. As of last year, only about 31,000 did. Of course, many have frozen the benefits, so that additional years of service no longer build a bigger pension plan.” – New York Times
• “IBM has decided to close its pension plan to new employees at the end of the year and give all new workers a 401(k) plan instead.” – New York Times

As more and more Americans are concerned about their retirement, the question is not “When they can retire?” but “If they can retire?” If you are 40 years old and make $50,000 a year, you will need more than a million dollars saved for your retirement. More than half of American’s working families don’t have a savings account. We live longer, well over 80. The cost of medical expenses is escalating. Social Security and Medicare are faltering. Even if you contribute to your 401 (k) plan, it all depends on the volatile stock market which could turn at any time. There are no guarantees that your pension could provide you with basic needs for your retirement. For many of us, the possibilities of savings are in jeopardy. “Job security is a joke. Your 401(k) and mutual funds, if you think they are safe, you probably believe in Easter Buddy and Santa Clause. Somebody sold you that bill of goods.” – Robert Kiyosaki. “….Very few people are going to have the opportunity to create any type of pension income or any type of residual income from present job. So many different things are happening now that they had never happened before…….So we are all going to find a way to create some kind of residual income or some kind of asset that is going to take care of our later years……”

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Global Impacts

“Outsourcing” is no longer a strange word to most of the job holders. A project just checked in at the US office, employees in India soon checked out and continue working on the project.
“May I help you….” An India accent greeting you when you want to set up an automatic bill paying procedures; “We got cheaper deal, which phone service are you using….” A never ending sales call comes into your home phone from India. With English as their major official language, outsourcing has brought some India people to middle class worker.
“Made In China” also is an everyday sign you could see everywhere at your home commodities. It is even pretty hard to find anything that is not produced in China these days. As labor market is so vast in China, they will compete more and more products pretty soon.
After a job is posted on the internet, resumes come in from all over the world. A bid for project also comes from everywhere. A large pharmaceutical company posted their project on the internet, research institutes in China soon gathered their information and started produce the products on the other end of the globe.

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Home busihess Choices

Marketing Systems and Distribution Trends

Distribution networks, logistics and product updates could be easily enhanced by utilizing web portals. With mass email, any new products, information could be sent to related customers in just seconds. To send these kind of information through brochures, catalogs in the current internet world is hardly a competitive strategy. You could also create affiliate program to gain more traffic by providing most benefits to referrers. Amazon is successful in offering affiliate marketing channels.
Knowledge base, discussion forums, feedback forms, online demo, live chat support, webinars, email support could all be very effective ways to promote your products, save costs and reach out to your customers, thus maintaining customer loyalties.
A good SEO ranking could bring you numerous inquires from customers all over the world. Efficient use of email autoresponders provide a way of follow up thus converting prospects into customers. Pictures, sound and film files sent to customers through internet provide a fast and efficient way of exposing products to customers.
Best way to implement 1to1 marketing strategy: testing new services and products. Gather information for future demands through current customers. Marketing through internet could also reach different levels of market area: age marketing area, location marketing.

More Income Options

1. Working More Hours
Our economy is a down escalator. You work hard for your money, but with inflation you have earn 3 to 5 percent more next year just to stay in the same place. Your bank account balance earns 2 percent and your credit card balance costs you 20 percent. If you stop working, the escalator just takes you right back down to the bottom.
2. A Second Job
So you have less and less time staying with your family. Your stress level is getting worse and health expenses will also be increased. An old saying is “When you have money, you don’t have time. When you have time, you don’t have money”
3. Own Your Own Business
• Buying a Franchise
The minimum start-up cost for “Renting a Wreck” stated in Allen’s book “Multiple Streams of Income” is $15,000 without mentioning other higher start-up cost franchises.
You might end up with a garage of products and become a NFL (No Friends Left) club member.
• Mom & Pop
You have to work 24/7 to manage your bueiness.
• Consulting bjsiness
It needs specialties, knowledge and skills.
4. Investments
• Real Estate
Everybody knows that investing in real estate will always bring you some serious money. But you can’t move into a mansion tomorrow. “You may be moving through a series of homes, making handsome profits on each one and parlaying your growing equities into larger and larger properties….” – Multiple Streams of Income, Robert Allen. If you are knowledgable in real estate and love the profession, you could make a fortune by just owning your own house as a starting point.
With the current bubble real estate economy, there is a potential risk associated with it. Plus, it needs professional knowledge.
• Stocks
From several seminars I attended, I learnt that investing in Stocks is a long term process. The longer you invest, the lower your risk. Buying a distributed portfolio and let masters to manage it for you. It is passive investing and you don’t have to deal with people. The results are accumulated and compounded over long period of time. The one drawback is that it is a risky business.
5. Inheritance
Unless you are lucky enough.
6. Lottery
I am not a lottery fan.
7. Going Back To School
Bill Gates did not even graduate from college.
8. What Type of businees that Fits You
Continue reading….

The educational help your child needs.

Robert G. Allen’s Selection Criterion- MONEYTREE Formula:

1. M as in Multiple Streams of Income
The added home buskness should be a safety net and an extra source of income. It should eventually become a source of multiple streams of income all by itself. When making the choices, you should ask questions such as: “Can you add more shops?”, “Is your idea franchisable?” “Can your recipe be sold nationwide?” Don’t even consider a businesa that doesn’t have potential to expand.
2. O Stands for Outstanding
You need to consider products, services or information that are distinguishable and unique and it has the possibility of permanently and perpetually profitable.
3. N Stands for Nothing Down
Suppose you want to buy a hot franchise, it might cost you $100,000 at startup. Then you need to purchase inventory, leasehold improvements, and special equipment. In a sense, you are just buying yourself a job because you are tied to a businesd 12 hours a day. “Nothing Down” means a minimum startup cost, which doesn’t have to be completely zero.
4. E Stands for Employee-Resistant
Employees are dangerous! You don’t want pay your employees for surfing the internet, chatting and even do their own stuff by naming “Work at Home”.
5. Y Stands for Yield
The streams you choose should be high-yielding, high-profit cash cows. It should be a money tree businesw, meaning generating cash flow even if you stopped working! In other words, the home-based businews should be creating an on-going income for you while you are sleep, on vacation and even could be inherited generations after generations.
6. T Stands for Trend and Timing
The secret to success is to get in front of a trend and ride the wave. The baby boomers are a trend, the internet is the trend, one-to-one marketing is hot and mass customization will be hot for a while. If you owned a stock of Microsoft at 80’s, you are financial independent now.
7. R Means Residual
There are two types of income: linear income and residual income. By working in the corporate, you are exchanging time for money. Once you stop working, your checks stops coming. The harder you work, the farther away you walk. The more you make, the more SAM will take. Here are some examples of residual income: Songwriters earn royalties on their songs; Insurance agents get residual busineas; Network marketers get residual commissions; Franchisors get franchising fees; Software creators get royalties.
8. E Means Essential to Everybody Every Day
The products or services should be needed by a large sector of population as essential necessities. The more people who need it and the more often they need it, the more successful your home busoness can become.
9. The Final E Stands for Enthusiasm
You must love what you do.

Here is the secret how to become One Minute Millionaire: Robert Allen and Mark Hansen from the enlightened millionaire institute teach you how to become a millionaire one minute at a time.

There is a unique proven home business opportunity that has all previous 8 characters. It is the 1to1 internet business. The only or possible obstacle is the last one. So my suggestion is either you try products or study its best product: the business plan. If you love both of them, you grasp the “Once in the Lifetime” opportunity.

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Harvard Business School Network Marketing Criteria

Network Marketing is being taught in more than 200 colleges including Harvard busniess School. After extensive research in the network marketing industry, Harvard bisiness School developed three criteria that a network marketing company must have in order to make it the most desirable opportunity. They are as follows:
1. The company must be at least 18 months old, as 90% of all network companies that fail, do so in the first 18 months.
2. The company must have a product that is both unique and highly consumable. Being unique in this case means that you have an exclusive product that can only be purchased through the company’s distributors. Having a product that is highly consumable means repeated sales, thereby guaranteeing customer loyalty versus a one-time sale and having to locate new customers.
3. It needs to be a “GROUND FLOOR” opportunity. Harvard businses School suggests that in order for the opportunity to qualify as “GROUND FLOOR”, the number of existing active distributors should be less than ½ of the population. In the US, the figure is equal to 1.5 million people. Harvard busines School also stated that if there were less than ½ million people involved, you would be on the cutting edge of a great opportunity. If the company has less than 100,000 distributors, Harvard bueiness School considers it to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The 1to1 internet business has now around 100,000 distributors in North America and Australia. If you happen to read this paper, you are lucky to have found an opportunity that will bring a bright and magnificent future to your life and your family.

Highly Recommended by 1to1 Magazine

1to1 Magazine asked some one-to-one industry experts to name their favorite customer-focused companies. These experts are: mass-customization expert B. Joseph Pine II; Daniel Butler, VP, retail operations, for the National Retail Federation; Harvard busuness School professor John Deighton, Ph.D., and Don Schultz, professor emeritus of Northwestern University and founder of consultancy Agora, Inc. They named four companies that deliver one-to-one thought leadership right to their customers: Market America, Hudson Bay Company, Blockbuster and USAA.

One common character about these companies is that they are concentrating on building and cultivating relationships with its network of distributors and a large number of preferred customers. The organizations impressed B. Joseph Pine II, co-founder of Strategic Horizons LLC and renowned author with their busihess paradigm of tracking what people want and need and then delivering it to them. “It’s a very interesting sale and marketing organizational scheme that reaches out to thousands of customers with what they want,” Pine explains. “The vision is built around one-to-one marketing and provide the best possible to customers through their distributor network. ------1to1 magazine (Maximizing Value Through Customer Relationships) January/February 2003.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ranked No. 1 at Both MSN and Yahoo Search!

You could tell how popular is the weight loss information on my other blog" Weight Loss"! It is ranked No. 1 at both Yahoo and MSN search.

Here are some other relevant information:

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ranked First at Yahoo Search!

My other blog I Drink OPC-3 Everyday ranked No. 1 at Yahoo Search! For a screen shot and page content, please visit "My Other Blogs" menu on the page. I will post some tips and tricks to boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) through my study and those I used on the page later on. Please check us back.

Here is a brief introduction about why it is called OPC3(One Page Creates 3 sources of income). The first income is evidently that shows on the page. The Google Adsense links generates the first type of income. My blog also promotes one of the strongest antioxidant OPC-3 in the world, which should be taken by everyone of us. The second source comes from the retail of the product.

By now, I guess you heard about the term "Second Tier Bonus". If not, here is the explanation. If you refer your friend to open an account at a bank, the bank usually gives you some kind of bonus, say $100. If your friend refers one more person to the bank, your friend gets the bonus $100 but you get NOTHING this time! Now there are some programs or systems that will give you bonus when your friend refers someone. This is called second tier bonus. Here is the ultimate scheme: you get bonus to the infinity for all referring happened after your friends. Sounds unbelievable? Wait for my next inside analysis of the innovative and proven business: unfranchise business system. This is the third income generated from my OPC3 blog.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Internet Startup Business?

Every Dog Has Its Days

I have a habit of taking a nap after lunch even after I came to the US for about 9 years. As usual, I went to the library's second floor and approached one of the long sofa composed of 4 sqared parts after lunch. I then saw a magazine with the word "Science" or "Scientific" (excuse my vague memory) lying on the sofa. One of the sub-title is to introduce 100 top scientific or business technological concepts in 2004. Out of curiosity, I opened it and one paragraph really atracted me.

One gentleman was very good at all kinds of camera and wrote a blog introducing detailed tips on how to use cameras. Gradually, the blog draws more and more attention on the internet. Then he learnt that Google started this free program called Google AdSense for web publishers to expose their ideas and messages on the internet and the author get paid by the number of clicks on the ads provided through Google Adsense program. So he integrated the Google Adsense into his blog and then he made $150/day. Later on, he quit his job and became a full time web publisher. I was so excited and realized immediately that my days finally came.

Could It Be An Internet Startup Business?

Sounds like one of those things on the internet? I remembered that several years ago, one of my friend asked her father to click on some of the startup internet company to earn some extra money at the price 8c/click. It wasn't a bad idea at that time. Is this Google Adsense similar to those things?

To test it, I then created my blog and added Google Adsense into my blog and hope I could become a million pretty soon. I kept checking adsense account for several days and nothing happened. I was not sure if I did it wrong or it was another internet joke. As my job became more and more busy, I kind of forgot about it. Then I checked it again after several weeks and I was astonished to find that I had 97c in my account! I just can't believe it! It is a real business!

Then one day, I got an email from my volleyball friend from Chicago. There was a homepage under his name in the message. I then clicked it and to my surprise, he also has Google Adsense embedded into his blog. He then emailed me back that his site made about $100 per month even though it only talks about volleyball. He also told me that one of his friend had 6 sites and earned about $300 per month. Then I checked the internet and found this guy earning an astronomical number of dollars per DAY. What a perfect startup business! Not a penny needed to create your own blog. The best thing is that you could leave it alone while it still could generate income for you. I have been trying to start an internet business that could generate an ongoing source of income like this for a long time.

So I named the subdomain of my online startup business OnePageCreate3(sources): . Why 3? That is another long story. Check it out later.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How to Add Google Adsense Ads into Your Blog?

Create Your Own Blog
1. Apply a blog account at:
(The current procedures only apply to this hosting site.)
2. Create your blog.
Click Posting tab the top, enter title and your message. Click Preview hyperlink on the top righthand side to preview. If you are not done with editing, you can click "Save as Draft" so you can come back and edit it next time. If you are done with editing, click "Publish Post".
3. Get your web url address.
Click "View Blog" tab at the top, copy url address for the future use.

Apply Google Adsense Account
Apply a Google Adsense account at:
Click "Click Here to Apply" in the center, enter account type, paste your blog address (copied before or from the previous steps) in the Website Information part, select one or both products, finish the rest and click "Submit Information".

Add Google Adsense Content
There are two types of Google Adsense: Adsense Content and Adsense Search.
Adsense Content provides a series of links that changes from page to page according to the content on your page. Google pays you according to the number of clicks generated from those links.
Adsense Search provides a search box for user to type relevant information and then provides a series of results.

1. After login at Google Adsense, click "Ad Setting" tab on the top. Accept all default values for all options. Scroll all the way down to the bottom. Copy all codes in the textbox after "Your Adsense Code".
2. Login into blog account again, click "Template" tab on the top. Scroll all the way down to the bottom within the codes textbox, click the empty line right above the second from the bottom that says "..body.". Paste the Google Adsense for Content scripts.
3. Click "Save Template Changes" at the bottom. Click "Republish" button to publish your changes.

Add Google Adsense for Search
1. After login Google Adsense, click "Search Setting" tab on the top. Accept all default values for all options. Scroll all the way down to the bottom. Copy all codes in the textbox after "Your Google search box code".
2. Login into blog account again, click "Template" tab on the top. Scroll all the way down to the bottom within the codes textbox, click the empty line right above the second from the bottom that says "..body.". Paste the Google Adsense for Content scripts.
3. Optionally, you can paste the Adsense for Search codes above previous pasted codes of Adsense for Content.
4. Click "Save Template Changes" at the bottom. Click "Republish" button to publish your changes.

Last Step: Add Channel
1. After login to Google Adsense, click "Reports" tab, click "Create/Manage Channels" right above "Display Report" button.
2. In "Manage URL Channels" part, copy and past your blog url into the blank textbox to the left of the button "Create New Channel", then click it.
3. Go back to "Reports" tab and enjoy your On-Going income!

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